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Carol Dabb created rotating art exhibitions in 1986 as an alternative way to provide art in corporate spaces. Rotating Art Shows are a short-term, cost-effective way to enhance employee surroundings and offer an energetic corporate image. The exhibits are rotated/exchanged every three months. Art works are offered for sale to employees and visitors, thus giving artists a venue for exposure and sales, and viewers an opportunity for enjoyment and effortless purchase.

Carol Dabb offers rotating art programs on a contractual basis, and charges a quarterly fee. Her firm curates, delivers and installs all art works and takes care of all other arrangements. Corporations provide insurance coverage of art works and cooperate with Carol Dabb to support participating artists.

Hitachi Data Systems, San Jose, CA
Hitachi Data Systems Hitachi Data Systems

Quantum Corporation, Milpitas, CA
Quantum Corporation Quantum Corporation

Cadence Design Systems 3Com Corporation
Cadence Design Systems 3com Corporation

Syntex Corporation Theme Shows
Syntex Corporation Syntex Corporation Syntex Corporation