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Public Art for VMware, Palo Alto, CA
"Approach" by Daniel Winterich, Polished Stainless Steel
Fairchild Botanical Gardens, FL
Dale Chihuly Chandelier sold to Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Florida.
Standford University, CA
"Family", by Archie Held, is installed near Maples Pavilion on the Stanford campus.
Sunnyvale, CA
"Standpoint", by Daniel Winterich, Stainless Steel and Dichroic Glass
"Receiver" by Daniel Winterich was inspired by the "Blue Cube at Onizuka Air Force Station. The 15' stainless steel and dichroic glass structure has a slight curve similar to a dish antenna. The pattern of the dichroic glass pieces creates a "starry sky" effect that matches the actual star pattern in the sky in Sunnyvale on January 28, 1986, at 11:38 a.m. It was at this exact time in Sunnyvale that the Challenger disaster occurred with Lt. Col. Ellison Onizuka on board.
"Crescent", by Daniel Winterich, is a companion piece to "Receiver". "Crescent" was inspired by the sloughs that wind their way through the salt ponds at the southern end of San Francisco Bay. The artist pays homage to this network of waterways that resemble a series of crescent shaped streams sparkling in the sunlight. While "Crescent" is of the waters and earth, "Receiver" is of the sky and stars.
"Blue Cobalt Flow", by Laddie John Dill, 40 feet long, consists of tempered glass, concrete and aircraft aluminum. The artwork is clad to the fountain wall for beautiful viewing by to be seen by drivers in moving vehicles as well as walking pedestrians.
"Technically West", by Laddie John Dill, a 20' high Cor-Ten sculpture, alludes to the technological evolution of Silicon Valley. Each element extends higher than the previous, just as the achievements of Silicon Valley have reached greater and greater heights.
Los Gatos, CA
Daniel Winterich's "Cascading Garden Wall" was placed by the developer as a public art gift for the town of Los Gatos, on the Netflix campus.
Coordinated all efforts with the team: artist, developer, Form 4 Architecture, Netflix and City of Los Gatos, from planning stages, through presentations and installation.
Los Altos Hills, CA
"Star Gazers", by Miles Metzger, a life-size bronze sculpture of a stag and fawn, is placed in front of City Hall and popular with all viewers.
Cupertino, CA
"Rara Avis" (Rare Bird) by Brad Howe, painted metal, is installed at a major shopping center.
Mountion View, CA
City of Mountain View, Mountain View, CA. Worked with Planning Commission and building developer to provide trompe l'oeil art work on five-story building in downtown Mountain View. Curated outdoor sculpture competition and exhibition for city plaza. Consulted with Planning and Development for landscape sculpture for new fire house.
Landscape Sculpture by Royce at Shoreline Fire Station, granite
"Children Playing" by Joe Sam, painted metal, is installed in the permanent collection at the Mountain View Civic Center.